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How can a smart community achieve safety and wisdom?

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In the era of intelligence, the construction of intelligence has become the main theme. The city is the product of the development of human civilization, and the community is its most basic component. As the carrier of the survival and development of the urban residents, the wisdom of the community is the concentration of the level of the city's wisdom. In terms of function, the intelligent community takes the security of the community as the core and uses the modern means to get the "wisdom" of the community. Therefore, it is the key point to provide the residents with a safe, efficient and convenient intelligent service, which is the core of the construction of the present intelligent community.


  So, how should the intelligent community be made safe and intelligent? The intelligent community, based on the construction of communication network, uses the integrated application of the new generation of information technology, such as the Internet of things, cloud computing, and the Internet, to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment for the community residents, and form an information based and intelligent society. A community that manages and services a new form of management.

  Equipment and platform are the traditional advantages of security enterprises. After starting with the safe community, the original video surveillance system is extended to the platform of the Internet of things. It combines community and family sensors, wearable equipment and community entrance management system, and provides infrastructure solutions for modern community management and intelligent large data applications. Plan. In the smart community, the application of every subsystem in the current security system is permeated with the concept of intelligence and integration.


  In short, on the one hand, the security equipment in the community needs a "upgrade", using the current Internet of things, artificial intelligence, large data technology to secure the brain of the community. On the other hand, through collecting, summarizing, analyzing and dealing with the data of each part of the intelligent community, the community parts can be integrated and organically linked in order to realize the community wisdom.

  At present, the construction of smart community should first construct the four basic points of "hardware + software + platform + service" to create value for all parties. In short, the residents can control the community or the family's intelligent hardware through the community app, the property can have software background observation data, all the data can be based on the analysis of cloud formation system and docking to the government, so that the residents, property, government, merchants and many other benefits.


  Intelligent community is not a single smart home, not a community card, not monitoring, not property management, not to solve one or a few problems, it is a need to start from the comprehensive needs of the community, in combination with the actual situation for the user to provide a comfortable and safe comprehensive solution.

  In the end, the wisdom community is a new way of life. It is the new attempt of the Internet into the Internet of things. It is also the transformation of the new business model. It is not only the innovation of security, but also the foundation of the life of wisdom. Intelligent community is a people-oriented intelligent management system, which is expected to make people's work and life more convenient, comfortable and efficient.