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Interconnected enterprises based on industrial Internet of things are ready to simplify machine safety?-Industry Information


Interconnected enterprises based on industrial Internet of things are ready to simplify machine safety?

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Truly interconnected enterprises can achieve real-time control between the various platforms and devices within the organization.

Interconnected enterprises based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) allow users to access the right information in the right format at the right time.

A maintenance engineer using a tablet computer can use a position beacon on a production line or machine to query the exact location of a specific safety device, dynamically receive data in close proximity to each area without a manual request.

Similarly, operations managers can use the same software and beacons on the same tablet to receive information about their credentials. The use of these core tools and technologies helps to provide realistic information to meet individual needs based on employee functions or work.

Manufacturers can have a better understanding of their operations by means of information linking with machines and equipment.

Information rich connection

The EtherNet/IP network uses the open industry standard network technology to provide the whole plant network system. After connecting the high-end input equipment, such as motor starter and sensor, to the controller and HMI, the system can provide real-time control and information to the whole enterprise.

For devices that do not support EtherNet/IP functions, especially those simple security input devices and components (such as emergency stop, interlock switch and basic protection lock switch), manufacturers can now use updated intelligent device level link technology, and the Rowell automation GuardLink protocol will feed back specific device information To the master controller.

GuardLink is a secure communication protocol that allows standard wiring in trunk and branch topologies and supports plug-and-play connections. When the wiring is substantially reduced, the location of the device can be provided, and the diagnosis, remote reset and locking commands are implemented through a cable to provide information to the system through the network. It does not require any configuration, and can connect up to 32 devices within a length of 1000 meters (the long distance between the devices is 30 meters).